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Here is a loose timeline about the site
and it’s changes:

  • In early 2006 the idea for this blog was created by Brennan Ryan and Steve Gray “Hey Steve why don’t we do this, you have already written over 100 articles which have been published, how about it?” “Ok” says I…
  • By August 2006 we had the basics in place with a bunch of people helping to get things started thanks to Ross Hill, Michael Crooks, Dean Alchin and others who saw the promise of what we had laid out.
  • Various others wrote articles with us in the early days and some did not get the idea thatthe articles had to be just for this site, over time some of those people went, we persisted.
  • We created a forum, it took off and both of us were torn bewtween answering questions and writing articles, keeping up was hard… Each of us urging the other one on and aiming to keep the ideas and information flowing and providing top value. The aim as always was to provide real how to options, strategies and ideas rather than teasers that led people on to have to buy the answer in some way.
  • 2007 saw the first onslaught of crazy posters to the forum… We deleted and upgraded the software and got back to some sense of order.
  • Our P.R. efforts were now paying off as the number of site visitors grew so did our credibility for helping people in business, every few months we would tell the local paper about our efforts and they would follow up on the story and how the site was helping people ‘nice!’
  • We printed cards with the Web address and a short speil on them about the site and handed them out at lbusiness networking events any chance we got.
  • About 2009 and the forum was hacked by some zealous fool who had nothing better to do, we lost a lot of good information sharing about business and kicked the hosting companies butt for not having an effective backup system.
  • The forum got up again but at best it was a shadow of it’s former self. People dropped in, saw the low participation rates from others and moved on. Spamming became rife and we had to tweak the settings some more.
  • 2013 I turned off the forum after Brennan handed over the site for me to look after. He had decided his business interests were now different.

We trust you will link, and or bookmark to the site for future reference and pester us to put in more resources!

Please enjoy what we have on offer and let us know if we can add anything to assist you in your business growth.