With the announcement that the iPhone 6 from Apple has been released, plenty of people around the world are investing in this latest piece of technology. The iPhone has become a major part of our everyday culture, and most people know what it does and the benefits tobe gained from owning one.  So as the final quarter of 2014 swings by, many individuals will be investing in the update to a must-have gadget.

But as a business owner, you have a lot more to think about than just the latest gadget. The only constant in life is change and this is especially true in business. Keeping one step ahead of technology, all eyes turn towards 2015 and the inevitable change it will bring to the business industry. So where should you be investing to stay ahead of the competition next year?

Email Management

The Internet and consumer technology are driving change in your customer base at an exponentially increasing rate. They are increasingly connected on the move with smartphones and tablets which have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

In 2015, this connectedness is set to give consumers more buying power than ever before. They will be connected to businesses and to each other via social media and review sites, among other platforms. The opportunity for you as a business owner is obvious. If you can be the business that connects with customers, you will have a distinct advantage over your competitors in the marketplace.

Investing in IT infrastructure has been a constant requirement for businesses for decades, but there has never been a greater need for solutions that keep you connected to your customers. Despite all the increased social media usage, email is still the preferred method of contact for the majority of customers. Research shows that in a world drowning in Tweets and status updates, communication via email is given higher priority by most people.

However, managing your email is not always easy. After years of outdated systems, or adding layer after layer of security, email management is often a headache for business owners.

Don’t let email management get you down. Look into Mimecast business email as they make it easy. Whether you’re talking to your customers, or communicating internally – email has never been more simple.

Social Media

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should invest in email management only. A two-pronged strategy works best and whilst email is clearly the most important electronic communication channel, social media retains a high level of importance.

You need to invest in training for your staff, to ensure that they understand the impact of social media on the marketplace and to how create a positive contribution to your business. There are also several software solutions that can help you to manage your social media presence.

Customer Contact

2015 is set to be the year where a real, honest connection with customers is what will make the difference. The better equipped your business is to communicate with your customers, the better position your business will be in.

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