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Your magic business…

Today you are doing what SPECIFICALLY…

– to make your business more profitable?

– to cause the staff to LOVE you?

– to cause the customers to LOVE you and your team?

– to cause your suppliers to jump through hoops to give you great deals (and LOVE you)?

– to ensure your workplace is the best place to work, form both a safety and aesthetic perspective?

– to cut down on red tape?

– to create more elegant systems?

– to ensure your business is growing well?

The list can be as long as you like, with out this kind of input your business can stagnate and fade, in short it can shrivel up and die… So do something today to make it thrive.

Working a crowded web market…

Every man and his dog seems to be creating web pages, so the question for those serious about things “webological” would be to say “how do I make an offering that can set my business apart fromt he rest?” Well thanks for asking… Here is an outline to get the ball rolling. sure it can be adapted to other products and or services but the web is a competitive starting point.

In the main people put their service offerings on their own web page and hope for the best, often its price based, the challenge with that is it gets very competitive at that end of the market. The other big thing here is not everyone wants to buy on price… they want qaulity instead… so they may tend to breeze into the site and then out again just as quickly. So here is my two cents worth on a systematic way around some of those challenges.

Let’s use an example in another crowded industry, telcos, mobile ones in particular, note how they have cheap package deals to get you started and the expensive “other side…” if you go over a certain limit BINGO more $$ and the fine print… YOWSER! It’s a mine field! It’s like signing your life away. Okay I am not saying to specifically follow them, but lets pull apart some of the “why do they do that stuff…

Package deals, give people choices…add to that multiple phone types and models… and then the accessories…

Confused yet! most people just buy and deal with it later. Ok they use confusion, choice, cheaper entrance $$ but pick up on the other side (the dark side.)

All of that is important, now if you start a web site development service and want to go for a usp (Unique Selling Point) it would seem logical to make it easier for the customers by having a simple price and feature structure. But then what happens? it doesn’t work… why? Because people look at it, understand it and go looking elsewhere, its over and done with. Where as if the package is useful they read and get immersed in your offering.

Immersion, cause that to happen and you have a chance… Get them to think more about what they want.

Example two fast food outlets side by side, I park at one and go in, too busy, over to the next… (I’m not sure what I want but hey I have a choice). The next one is a bit quieter and I look at the menu… packages… hmmm lets see… err.. before I can think too much the person behind the counter has called me over to take my order (I usually stand well back to read the menu stuff). That’s it I’m sold (have not even really selected anything yet.) I am engaged in the process deeply now (immersed).

On the net people can breeze in and breeze out, they ‘glance and go’ What if they got immersed really quickly and you got them immersed in a process?

Here’s my process ‘de resistance’… Just for you guys…

1. Glance – Get them intrigued (short audio they can stop may work here) that INVITES them to look at x… X happens to be a click away and is a short sharp grab of useful things to note when geting a web site.

2. They read – view – listen – look at x… – You invite them to call you, or send in for a free pdf booklet on “7 steps to brilliant websites…” They sign up, and you have a member.

3. Communicate! – Send the member the PDF, then a special add on PDF or video file 1 hr later (here are more great points on why you need us or similar).

4. Build the relationship – Call them on the phone AFTER they have the second doc (which was sent 1 Hr after the first…) and do a survey to assess some of their needs, but don’t sell them anything! – Now send them the results of various surveys (including their info to get specific about their needs).

5. Qualify them – If your survey was good (or great) you know if they fit your IDEAL CLIENT status… then you want to proceed further.

6. Send them a gift – Yes via snail mail… and yes a real gift (not a 2c bookmark made of tin) remember these are targeted IDEAL CLIENTS! They will be worth their weight in GOLD to you (clients not customers). Send a note with the gift saying, thanks for doing the survey and becoming a member, I hope the journey thus far has been good.

7. Build the relationship further – By now you should have a person interested (immersed to some degree) in what you MAY have to offer… So… now is the time to evaluate their needs and present an offering. Email… “Hi X. I have assessed your needs carefully and can provide you with a solid solution. Yes we have std packages (and one of them may suit) but at this stage can I catch up with you to discuss the details…”

8. Present your offering – Get one on one and present what you think they need, keep the tech stuff low and the solutions high. Focus on- Ease of use – Ease of admin – Results! Leave it with them to consider and return as often as necessary to clarify details – send them a thank you note for the meeting. Remember its stillearly days yet so keep on building yoru relationship with them.

9+. Build raving fans – If you got the job using this process you have probably wowed them, keep in touch, send personalised greetings, hints, tips and ideas, perhaps its just a link to a new bit of info on your site… GREAT! but keep in touch… send them a card on their birthday, Christmas and every other chance you can, cause them to love you… For your service, your web skills, your ability to keep them informed, your care for their needs, your ability to refer other top professionals to them that might just be able to assist them.

That is how you COULD build a web business that stands out, stands up and will stand the test of time.

30 Day Challenge 2007

Have you heard of the 30 Day Challenge yet?

Judging by how slow the servers have been for the last 24 hours I guess a lot of you have!

The 30 Day Challenge is a great concept by Ed Dale (and a couple of other guys whose names escape me right this second). The guys are offering their substantial expertise to train (over 30 days) people like me and you how to make money online.

It started yesterday (August 1st 2007) and I am signed up along with Ross & Steve (thats our team so far)

The goal this year is to create an online product and sell at least 1 x $10 sale in the first month, all without spending a single cent, thats right, nothing.

To be honest I am still a little vague about how it is going to work and what will be required of me in the next month (as if I need more to do!), however from what I have seen so far I think I am going to learn some very valuable lessons on online marketing, which can only help my other sites like this one and Black Dog Promotions.

Ed keeps telling me that it will be very easy, and so far it has. We have downloaded several tools for Firefox (all free) that will help us in the challenge, and just those tools alone are pretty nifty and worth checking out.

This is apparently the 3rd annual challenge, and previous entrants have had great success.

Like anything else, one of the main requirements is time. You will need the time to dedicate to the challenge, that in itself is a challenge for me! I see some late nights ahead 🙂

I listened to the Day 1 Podcast and video and i am about to listen to Day 2. I will write a journal for the challenge as I go along, I won’t post everyday, but I think once a week will do.

Wish me luck!

7 Surefire Tips to Make Your Order Page Work Harder

So your prospect, Mary, is sitting at the computer reading your compelling sales letter. She’s convinced she needs your product. So she clicks on the order link, with her credit card next to the mouse. She’s taken to the order page. What she sees next makes her change her mind and click away. Can you prevent bail out at the crucial moment of ordering? You betcha!

Here are 7 surefire tips to make your order page work harder for you…

1. Check marks the spot. Add a check box with a big, bold “Yes! I’ll take it! I understand I get blah, blah, blah.” For extra impact, consider adding a red border around the box so it stands out.

2.  Repeat yourself. Remove all doubt about what the prospect gets for her moolah. List all bonuses and the guarantee (if there is one). Include directions on when and how the product will arrive. Hold her by the hand and take all the mystery out of the order.

3. Be kind. Remind. We all want to feel like we made a great choice. You already know how cool your product is. Let her know it too. Something as simple as, “You’ve made a smart decision. Imagine how much your life will improve with this widget.”

4. They like you! They really like you! The order page is a natural place for a stellar testimonial. As my friend Jonathan Mizel (one of the original Internet marketing pioneers) told me, “It’s not over until they actually order.” Consider adding audio as well. Studies show it adds a human element to your testimonials.

5. Type the easy stuff first. Psychologically the credit card fields should be at the bottom of the page after the prospect’s name and address. Once she starts typing, the sales resistance goes down and the buy in begins. (Note: One Shopping Cart does this by default.)

6. Give ‘em options. Some people are still nervous to reveal their credit card info online. If you don’t have alternate methods of ordering like by fax or phone, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. Marty Foley ( suggests you reassure your prospect that your security (SSL) has “bullet-proof encryption”.

7. Wait! Don’t leave! We all hate pop ups (and many are blocked). But they work. if the prospect clicks away, why not add a pop up box with another offer, like the downloadable version at a cheaper price? After all, she’s leaving anyway. What do you have to lose? Tom Antion does this masterfully at (By the way, for an unblockable pop up ad, I recommend the one I’m currently using on my website by Ad Impact at

These improvements should take less than 30 minutes to put in place so there really is no excuse for putting them off. Tiny tweaks to your copy go a long way toward improving your sales. Never stop improving.

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