Customers, they have the cash in their hot little hands and if your business offering is worthy, they will spend it with you… IF you are not worthy they may go elsewhere.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Figuring out what they want is a matter of understanding they are generally not consciously aware of what they want in terms of how they want the experience to be. Thankfully there have been enough studies and research to help point the way. Here are a range of pointers to consider and work on so you can keep up with their needs and wants.

They want a solution to a challenge they face

If they are hungry they want food, if they have a car low on fuel they want to fill it, if they have any form of desire for an item or service they want a solution, if your business is in the right place at the right time they might choose  your business to provide that solution.

They want to feel good

After all who wants to feel bad when buying something. Make the buying experience personable, warm and welcoming so they can feel at ease early in the transaction. An emotionally rewarding experience will ensure the customer is enticed to purchase rather than pushed into a discount or other offer they may not connect with. If they can feel special at a range of stages in the sales process then you may just have a customer for life.

They want to be attracted, not pushed

They want to buy, not get sold to… The difference is a person motivated to do business rather than feeling uneasy about what’s taking place. By offering options and possibilities which you can readily support, explain etc will be a more positive stance for them to feel comfortable with.

People like destinations and journeys

Is the sales environment welcoming? Is the sales process a positive journey of discovery or a negative hassle? The more you can create a welcoming destination the more chances you have of getting positive results. Imagine arriving at a stunning oasis in a desert and then being wooed by a person who can readily show them around, taking them on a journey of discovery, now the destination just got better!

Champagne tastes on a beer budget

This statement applies to many customers but not all. They want the best but are only willing to pay the minimum to get it. Challenging I know, so what can you offer to make this possible? Big chain stores often entice prospects with a cheap option in their promotions, then show you options up from that lower cost enticement. People often want better and will ‘stretch the budget’ to make it fit to their wants and needs.

Inspire, intrigue, motivate

In a world where many things are standard packages, same old same old repetitive offerings, consider ways to alter that, aim to intrigue, inspire and motivate the prospect to think more about what they want and can readily get.

Make the purchasing options easy

Do you take cash, credit card, paypal or any one of a range of ways to take payment. are your terms fair and reasonable and set up to make it easy for the customer to say yes more often? If not, it’s time for a change.

Customers will know more

The information age has done that, now what are you going to do to work with this situation to be part of the customers ‘psyche’ and provide a platform to work from? Perhaps it’s a sign that points out key things to know about what you offer, but your word it to say “You already know about these things, but just in case you don’t…” You could also word up and test your sales team that customers can be “know it alls” and work with this to add more information, or work with the information to keep the customer on side.

They want it now

People have become used to getting things fast, if you don’t have what they want, now your competitor might well have it… you may have been the business they stopped at on the way to your competitor, simply because your were closer. In a customised product sale, make sure you point to that what you offer has to take time, set them at ease and clarify that you have to order items in, and deal with other work before their custom work can be attended to.

People want to know

When will it be ready? What the progress is… if there are any holdups… If there are any issues, challenges or differences. They want this so they can feel they are being dealt with honestly, ethically and openly. Even on a small scale fast transaction, let’s say serving fast food… “Thanks you order has now been placed and will be put together shortly… I’ll just wrap that for you now… I have put the napkins in the bag…” etc… All this adds up to an informed customer that can feel good about the process.

This list should provide you with a range of starting points to improve your service offerings. Take an honest look at what you currently do, any chances you, your team or the customer interaction space is letting the sales process down. Now make changes and watch out for the positive results.


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