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Recently  a person I know was offered what looked like a great deal which involved some vouchers, and what seemed like an easy to use system to redeem the vouchers. So far so good. “Oh and there’s a ten day cooling off period IF FOR ANY REASON you want a refund.”

The person went ahead.

Then the vouchers arrived in the mail, along with forms to fill in and lots of information about terms and conditions… Sure that’s fine. After reading the details and doing some internet searching the person found things were not easy, and there were some grumbles about the process from others who had also bought, in short the thing ‘squeaked’ in a way the person did not like.

Refund time. Not so fast…  one call to the number listed, lots of questions why? why WHY? they asked, but it’s such a good deal… two more phone calls to catch the “Customer Service Manager” only to be told, oh we don’t normally refund, are  you sure you want to. By now the person wants to get the refund so strongly they are ‘over’ the whole process and are becoming more angst ridden by the minute. Return the vouchers and the forms all intact, came the reply, “When we get all that we will definitely refund this for you, yes  you are within the cooliong off period.” said the Service Manager.

Two weeks go by, Ring ring… “I just wanted to ask about why you wanted a refund?” said a new person on the phone. “But the refund is due to come any day?” said our intrepid shopper. “Oh no that has not been finalised… we want to figure out if there’s anything we can do?” – “Um no just give me the refund please.” CLUNK goes the phone.

By this stage our shopper has been run through the mill and wants nothing to do with this company. Jumps straight on to the “interweb thingy” and writes a bad review on this organisation. Still awaiting a refund…

The upshot of all this is making sure your organisation is squeaky clean in its dealings, and makes sure that they are not aggravating people in any way or form. If people say no, they mean it, push things too far and you will be wondering why the reviews slam your business left right and centre. Oh and no this is not a threat, it’s how things are today, get used to it OH and know that most reviews on the web are there for the long haul, you can’t get most of them removed.

What will you do to make sure your business squeaks! Regards Steve Gray

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