It’s all about resistance to change, you might have to, but you don’t want to.

I’m not sure I know why that is, it just is. My suggestion is to run whatever the idea is through a basic ‘filter’ and decide yes it’s a good thing for my business or not. If not move on, if yes, how can yo implement it?

Perhaps your reluctance to take on board the idea is based around the cost, or the time taken to implement it. Ask, can these be broken down into manageable chunks? Now move on the idea, if it’s of benefit to your customers and or the way you transact business in the background then get on with it.

Here are three areas of resistance you may have to overcome

  1. Cultural Change – This new idea won’t work here, we don’t do things that way
  2. Personal Change – What’s in it for me, maybe I will have less work hours, or some other negative outcome for me… Or if there’s a perceived┬ápositive outcome for me do I want that outcome
  3. Intellectual – I heard the idea, but I don’t understand it on some level
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