If you read the heading and thought of a holiday destination you love, even briefly… then I have done the right thing.IMG_2871

Now imagine if your customers thought of your business as a fabulous destination, a place they love to hang out even if it is breifly to get some suplies and head off again. Think about that, you business as a fabulous place to hang out.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

One of my Sisters in law has a fantastic quirky gift/art store and in the front they have a cafe. It’s a fabulous destination, they hold events, have pop up food stores out the front from time to time and people love the place… It’s a bit out of the way for some, but people come from far and wide. I know why they do, because they love it.

I like to brag about the place to others and let them know if they are in that area they can drop in and might just be delighted by what’s on offer.

People seem to readily sign up for their email newsletter, like them on social media and follow their events and antics, their Christmas window display will be the buzz around town each year if the first year is anything to go by and they manage to get rave reviews in weekend magazines, newspapers and the like.

But what about your business?

I want you to now think about your business, even if it’s an online one, is it a destination people really want to go to? Perhaps they will get to the business and be excited by what you have to offer, what you have planned, and or the way you treat them so they feel special.

Many years ago my wife and I went to a shop that have created a wonderful atmosphere by creating a rainforest to wander through, with lots of soft toys and quirky items that hikers, environmentalists and wanderers would purchase. I loved it, each turn revealed another wonderful array of gifts to surprise and delight.

Okay, so you can imagine people being drawn to this magical place, and figure that somehow you would like to entice your customers in some way, by creating a positive destination. So what do you need to consider?

First off, ask yourself why do you want your business to be a destination, is it… More customers, better customer satisfaction, boost turnover, create a promotional buzz, get more Public Relations exposure, to put more pep into the business you love. Whatever the reason you have to appreciate that this reason is the motivation or driver for the idea of creating a better destination.

The key is, enticing people to buy from you more often, by providing an environment conducive to  connecting with them emotionally so they want to be part of what you offer. This is where some key points come in, let’s explore:

Be the best – People will seek you out if you are the best at what you do, your business is the destination, due to the fact no other business can match your quality

You want to be the best – Maybe you need to tweak a few things to get to this point, go on start making a list of the changes you need to make

You want to create an atmosphere people will love – Perhaps your business is the best at what it does but people don’t know it yet. Like the examples given, you can imagine making your business more exciting and enticing to do business with

You want people to sense you are authentic in what you offer – You want to show you can think outside of the square and come up with ideas to keep customers coming back for more.

You want to add spice to the way your business does things – Add events or program promotional activities to make your business a special place to be even if it is for just a short time

So how do you do it?

Evaluate what you have, if you fit into one of the specific categories outlined earlier then you have a starting point to go from. Now make a list of the changes that want to make in each of those areas, Maybe you want to break things down further. Here are some exploration points to consider.

Perhaps it is a marketing thing – You already have a rgreat business, with wonderful things on offer and good quality service, so if it’s a marketing thing to let more people know how wonderful your business destination is then pull out the felt markers gather the team and brainstorm ways to tweak the marketing and then get out the calendar and pick suitable dates for things to happen that will miss the public holidays, festivals etc. Now make a list of the types of things you can program in to make the most of what you have to offer.

Perhaps it’s a strategic management issue – You wanted to do more of the right things, but have not planned a strategy to support the good things that are already happening, what strategies do you have in place to explore and promote excellence which will create a culture to underpin your fabulous destination?

Perhaps it’s the decor that works – The store layout, the training of staff on how to create and maintain the right decor,

Perhaps its the quality outcomes you produce – the way you promote (is it creative, interesting or just a list of what you offer?)

Perhaps it’s some form of event – an in store demonstration, an exhibition,  a meet and greet with a local specialist in your field or a famous personality. Try and consider ways to make the event fun and engaging so people want to come back for more.

You could have

  • VIP events for your top customers and clients
  • Educational events
  • Games and contests
  • Cultural events

Start the ball rolling in some practical way to show your team you want to have a business destination which is a fantastic place to be. Then you can start to measure the effect of the things  you implement.

Remember all of the above points are about getting people in the door, calling to find out more or trolling your website for more information, going the next step is about how you will convert their action into sales. Let’s save that for another time.


Steve Gray

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