I have seen a range of TV current affairs shows recently pointing out businesses (reasonable sized ones on occasions), going under and taking investors with them. If you invest in a business it is risky, any sort of business (and I don’t care what glossy brochure or figures they show you…)

So there are risks involved and you can lose money, you can also gain $$ to, and of course that’s generally the aim for an investment. Look I feel sorry, deeply sorry for anyone that loses hard earned cash in a business deal of some kind, and perhaps there should be a leaflet that people have to hand out in any transaction that may involve risk to explain there may be a risk.

The thing is let the buyer beware (Caveat Emptor) but also understand that people are losing day in day out, and the opposite is also true! In a capitalist society like ours the aim therefore is to have more wins than loses.

So guys, harden up, the road ahead is loaded with potholes and challenges, don’t get angry, get smart and find better ways of evaluating a deal or investment in terms you can understand.

Steve Gray -

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