Perhaps one of the reasons businesses fail is not having a tangible plan of action, so why don’t people create a plan? Why don’t people get a grip on the systems that make a business saleable, why don’t a whole bunch of things happen? Simple because humans are running the show.
If a robot was given the right sort of software in it’s ‘head’ it would come up with a plan before it did anything, store it in it’s memory and perhaps even print it out incase of power failure, or a hard disk wipeout.
There is too much ‘blind faith’ that our business idea will work and if you don’t need to get money from a bank or investors then no planning seems to happen.

One page or two?
One page is better than nothing, two pages might be better still! In fact it probably doesn’t matter how many pages the plan is, just so long as a plan is in place for you and your team to follow.

What goes into it?
Lot’s of things can go into it but the basics should be around the objectives you want to achieve, the strengths of the business, or the business idea. and the methods you will use to achieve these aims.

Strategy, what strategy?
Just like your favourite sports team has some form of strategy to how they will play the game, so should you. How to do better than your competition, how to promote more for less cost, how to use online media to get more interest in the business, how to get more staff to gladly turn up and help you out, without the hassles!

Do I start here?
Yes do it now, jot down what you want, so you can set in place a mental plan of action to take place. Think about what you currently earn per hour, what if you were to double that, would that be good? Would that be enough… now jot down that figure and aim to find ways to make it a reality.

Do I carry this on and for how long?
You have written down one or three goals, now add to the list, keep coming back to the plan, add to it, tick your achievements off, create more pages of info, ideas, options and strategies. Make that plan your lives mission to ensure it is loaded with great info, great options and strategies to be well worth its weight in copper, its worth much more than gold!

Are we there yet?
That depends did you write anything down? Did you do some other research on what else to put into your plan? Did you still have a fun time doing it even though you may have not started out with a fun time in mind! The end point in the journey may not be reached especially if you are completing tasks and building the business to do more, be more, create more.

Enjoy being in business and the thrilling adventures it takes you on, but at least have one page of objectives to work with.


Steve Gray

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