I see respect as one of the biggest words in the dictionary, although only seven letters long. It can mean so much, be juggled about so frivolously and sometimes thrown at people when they least expect it. In business it can mean the difference between things happening or not, or people willingly following a great lead or not… it has an effect at all levels, across all aspects of your business, the more you look, the more you will see respect at work.

I guess the challenge is seeing disrespect and altering how things happen to ensure disrespect stays out of your organisation.

Respect: For each other, the people we serve and the environment – From the way we communicate to the way we act on all levels.

How then do you build respect?

Explore it’s meaning to you and others in your organisation first, then look at ways of implementing high level respect. It could be better communication, from you as the business leader to your team communicating with you. Then to the way everyone communicates with the customers.

How do your actions encourage respect, are you too laid back, not clear in your communication, not clear about your goals, the organisations goals, the way the team/s interact… and the list goes on.

If you value the notion of respect you will find more ways to make it happen for yourself and your team. May I suggest you make a BIG list of the ways respect shows up in an organisation and how these can be tweaked in your organisation to foster some growth. The bigger the respect gets, the better chance you will have of creating a positively buoyant organisation, and that has got to be good for the longer term stability of the enterprise.

Try exploring these thoughts.

  • Where’s the respect? – Ask this when you see people being disrespectful, was there any respect to begin with and what happened for it to turn into disrespect
  • Why do I respect? – Respect for people, places, things… there are reasons, explore them to find out what the qualities are that cause you to respect the people places and things
  • How do I show respect? – Something must have happened for you to respect a person, a situation or thing… Often it can happen in an instant.


Steve Gray

Steve Gray -

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