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Regular readers will know I love talking about values. It came to mind recently that I should provide some more depth on the subject.

For the uninitiated, the values an organisation stands by are the foundation of its culture (the pattern of behaviours it follows).

So take a look at this list I have put together:

Values outline

The aim being to develop a starting point of areas to explore under each heading, in this example Respect and Quality

Your business can readily do a similar thing and build its own set of values and guidelines to ensure each area of the buisness is given suitable scrutiny, over time the details can be added to as issues come to light. In the end the result is a organisational device your people can use to ensure each value has been given due consideration, they feel they have input into it, they can see it as a positive force to live by and should be able to raise concerns at any stage with management to better the company.

Take a look, explore it and make sure your team get into the process of making it happen. Trust me… you will love the results.

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