Starting a new job is challenging at the best of times, but if the supervisor, buddy and boss don’t recognise or bother to take notice of what might make the first few days or even weeks stressful then what hope has the person got. Here are some pointers for the ‘newbie’ and those who have to work with wanted

Stressors at work for a new employee

  1. Not enough product knowledge
  2. Unsure if they will fit in
  3. Unsure of the expectations they will have to work to
  4. Customers…
  5. Being understood
  6. Fitting in with Co-workers
  7. Where things are
  8. How things work
  9. Where do I put things
  10. Will I be paid… When?
  11. Working conditions – Hours – Equipment – Facilities – Tools
  12. Safety – Mine – yours – ours.
  13. Producing quality outcomes
  14. Working fast enough or not?

The list goes on… 🙂

So dear ‘Newbie’, breathe a little

Take it easy, take a deep breath, and relax a little. The company wants you to succeed, they want you to be happy, they want you to feel at ease and know that “masterpieces take time”. There is plenty to learn and lots of things to figure out. If the company is doing things right they will train you in  how they do things, where things are and set  you on a path to success.

Some keys to new employee success.

  • Ask lot’s of questions – Even a few weeks in, the more questions you ask, the more answers we can give you, the more confident and assured you can become. There are no silly or stupid questions.
  • If you are not sure – Paraphrase a question, ask the question in another way, to get greater clarity,
  • Investigate and explore – Find out where things are and explore, within reason of course… To find out where things get kept and become familiar with where things might be found.
  • Research – Show you are interested in the role by doing your own research, check the internet for information and ideas, not to become a ‘smarty pants’ but to ensure you pick up the language, relevant techniques etc.
  • Be at ease – We know that might be hard for the first few days or even a week or two. Remember, breathe in, breathe out and repeat 🙂 They want you to be happy. There is no need to rush to learn or ‘get up to speed’ that will happen, so don’t concern yourself about it.
  • Think SAFETY – Always, for yourself and others around you. See something, do something…
  • Mistakes, we all make them – Mistakes are learning opportunities, however it is important that you let someone know that you made a mistake, perhaps they can fix it, show you a better way to do the task.

I hope your new job works out fine and that the Company people reading this jumps into action and makes sure you have a fantastic start, after all they know that a replacement always costs money and time…



Steve Gray

Steve Gray -

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