Okay so I like lists, let’s face it they give us readily accessible starting points to build with, so lets jump in and see what a successful business should have.

  1. Sustainable and Robust – So it will last and be strong as well. Who wants a business, which will fall over with the slightest puff of wind?
  2. Structural integrity – The systems and procedures are built from a solid foundation. With no foundation how can we expect a building to stand for long, it’s the same with any business.
  3. Growth ability – Wealth is not a dirty word, it’s a leverage point, you want the business to grow so that it can absorb future price increases and be ab le to handle any changes that come along unexpectedly.
  4. It’s readily understood – By the clients and the staff, if you are in a niche the niche should understand it. Clarity can lead to power.
  5. Profitable – At the end of the day it’s what’s left in the kitty that counts. With no profit you’re a charity or a hobby, which do you want?…
  6. Strong brand – The customers know your brand or are getting to realise it has longevity.
  7. People love it! – Customers and staff alike love the business and what it does, heck why have a business that people despise? Go for love, it’s much better.
  8. Fills a need and or want – Preferably both. No need for what you have? No sales, therefore no business.
  9. Easily saleable products and services – You want people to buy, not to um and err then walk away, so it should be easy for them to select what they want and then make the purchase with great peace of mind.
  10. Enjoyable to run – Who wants a business which is a hassle? Who wants to work in a tough field? No one… make it a joy to be part of for you and staff that will rub off onto the customers over time.
  11. Overheads are covered easily – Overheads are often the thing that break the camels back, so make it easy for the camel and take the pressure off, in this case keeping the turnover and cash flow up so the overheads are not a challenge EVER! (I know, easier said than done…)
  12. Upholds great values – People love it when you are on a positive footing and in the values area its a great place to start (integrity – honesty etc.).
  13. Train to win/win – You and your staff are trained to make the whole show win, then the customers can win too. A great position to get to and stay in.
  14. Market leading Unique Selling Point/s – This will set you apart from the competition, then your aim is to make it known to everyone, therefore they will pick you over the competition, If they don’t they are crazy right?
  15. Duplicable – You can franchise this in an instant, or open other branches, either way its easy to duplicate (usually means it’s easy to run).
  16. Readily/easily established – You don’t want a business to take forever to get up to speed, you open and its up and running fast.
  17. Easy to plan – Your foundation will ensure the basics are in place, and from here the business plan is a breeze, if not you will avoid the business plan and lose sight of your goals. And of course have the plan on paper.
  18. Able to take massive action – In an instant, to get ahead, to make a stand, to stand apart, to innovate, to lead, to penetrate deeper. When the going gets tough, the tough get going…
  19. Know your competitors – Your research enables you to know quickly if you need to zig while they zag. If you know them intimately then you can readily compare prices, marketing etc.
  20. Niche flexible – You have a target to aim at, but you also realise there can be ‘sub niche’s’ e.g. a bicycle shop, sells kids bike, mountain bikes, racing bikes, but its main business is bikes, if its a sports store it has more niches.
  21. Maverick management/leadership – Your leaders and managers can pull great results out of thin air and do it all the time. Sure they make mistakes (how else will they learn?) the point is they can think on their feet and get great results. Therefore innovation becomes your middle name…
  22. Minimum footprint – Physically, environmentally, emotionally, resources. All of these (and probably more) are important make a big impact but do it without making a big mess of things.
  23. You get support – Family and friends appreciate and understand what you are doing and support you to make it successful. Without this support you are on your own in a tough wilderness and it’s hard to survive on your own.
  24. One great idea – Sometimes it’s two or three ideas (serial entrepreneurs), but in the main people in successful business do good with the one idea well researched and executed.

That’s it, easy huh? Now all you need to do is copy it and figure out if you can do it, can’t do it, want to do it and or have the guts to at least try… Go on, make a name for yourself.

Steve Gray -

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