You want more people to notice your business and take positive action, but what form of advertising or marketing should you use? Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Passive MarketingTwo types of marketing

Passive marketing reaches the customer through effective positioning of your details. For example, a customer uses a search engine to locate the business and find the phone number. The marketing was done before their need arose, to encourage the customer into the business. Effective passive marketing is thoughtful and enticing. It takes planning and strategic implementation

  • Website
  • Signage – Vehicle, Building, Billboards
  • Print adverts & articles – newspapers, magazines, catalogues etc.
  • Fliers
  • Business Cards
  • Blog articles
  • Social Media – Facebook posts – You tube Videos etc.
  • Image based – Uniforms and promotional items
  • Broadcast media – T.V. or radio
  • Direct mail – Postal – email

Active Marketing

Active marketing requires interaction. It may mean networking with other businesses. It also includes selectively advertising to drive in new business. This type of marketing is deliberate and purposeful. It takes effort. Active marketing often includes meeting prospects face to face and making direct calls to introduce yourself and what you have to offer to prospects. This kind of marketing requires skill and persistence. Having someone doing this for you is called a big bonus, usually it’s a happy customer that likes what you do and tells others.

  • Networking – Face to face interaction with prospects at trade shows, community and business events
  • Direct meetings – Define a prospect, make a list, call and introduce yourself, meet and discuss, the aim is tto research and work an angle to cause them to say “Yeah, send me more info” or “Yeah drop in and talk to me about it.”
  • Word of mouth – Someone likes what you did and tells someone else, now you have a hot prospect

Making it measureable

All of these marketing types are useful, but you could spend a fortune and not know what ones are working the best for you, that’s when the notion of making them measureable comes into play.

If someone drops in to your business or gives you a call, you need to have some way of asking how they found out about your business, then you can start to quantify what’s working for you.

The best way is to find a point in your interaction with them to find the most natural way of saying “Oh and by the way, how did you find out about us?” then recording it. If 90% of your prospects say they saw an advert on social media, then you know you have something working for you.

One other way to measure results is if you have a radio advert that hits your prospects at a time when they need you and they call you. An example is a radio advert, for school stationery supplies that comes on the radio as your prospect pulls up to pick up their children. If the next hour or so sees a rise in the number of people dropping in with children, chances are your radio advert had some effect.

Taking it further

Having the above information can be a way to get started, but in reality you will need to consider a range of things, the business ‘brand image’, who you want as prospects, how many prospects you want and figuring out the best ways to influence those prospects with the words and images you use in the adverts.


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