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Content marketing, it’s the big buzz thing in internet marketing and has been for a while, what works and what doesn’t can be a fine line one has to tread with caution if they are to get some form of positive result.

To me a great story does it, although I can formulate them in my head at times and tell a story or two to illustrate things in a conversation, I don’t write like that (or rarely anyway), If I hired someone to write the content I have, I would want them to write it like it was a long lost letter to home, the sort of letter that got kept by your parents in a safe place in a drawer somewhere. The sort that grabs the heart strings and keeps the image of you held in high esteem.

Of course the content you write for audiences has to fill a need, for me it’s about Art or Business and providing (hopefully) fantastic ‘how to’ information people can use. It will probably have a very useful point of view, that the reader grabs on to and says, “yep I needed that and it fit’s perfectly.”

It also happens that content marketing needs to be relatively consistent (I say relatively because things don’t always ‘flow’ when the to do list and calendar says it’s time for me to write). Sometimes I manage to put together a piece that fits with a bunch of previous pieces so that works out ok. Consistency is useful to ensure people don’t forget about you too fast, because you keep reminding them with your articles and information.

One of the downers in writing is making the piece too much of a ‘self interested’ sales piece, rather than being of educational value. This is a useful point, but there comes a point where the marketing needs to happen and the people need to connect with you, to either buy what you have or tell others to buy your offerings. You wrote to build trust, to show you have suitable knowledge and the ability to articulate that.

One last thing is making sure that what you offer is cutting edge or right up there in the industry knowledge stakes so that it is seen as credible by those in the know. Mind you that might work for those in the know, but I would hazard a guess the majority of readers might not have read and understand the higher level thinking you are aiming to build on. Welcome to a cath 22 situation, does the majority get pandered to or do you wave the lesser known but possibly more important flag?

Getting content right is therefore a challenge, one well worth your learning. If you follow an effective plan of action you should be able to use it to your advantage.

Enjoy your maketing and making the content work for you! Regards Steve Gray

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