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Ask some of the team in your organisation and they will probably shoot down anything that looked weird, strange “creative’. They probably can not see if it made any change to the number of people thinking about what you have to offer.

They probably can’t see the people who have become customers because of the ‘creative’ approach, nor can they appreciate the prospects who have been caught in the web of information and intrigue caused by the ‘creative approach’.

There you are all alone looking at the statistics and you note the things that give you the logic to build a case for the marketing efforts thus far. The big thing you note are those ‘things’ that are probably leading prospects into your ‘marketing funnel’ but you know these are hard to measure.

This can be caused by simple things.

  • Some people don’t let you know – Let’s face it LOTS of people don’t let you know where they heard about your organisation, you have to ask and very actively listen, even then they might not tell you about the ‘messages’ you sent out to tease them or the lines of text designed to entice.
  • Some staff don’t tell you either… – You, and your staff, may have your favourite supplier of goods and services so you might tend to ignore the pushy promotional company, even though their product made a positive impact. When your boss asks about what’s working, you tend to put a spin on the suppliers you prefer. Your staff also spot the things they ‘like’ but don’t let you know. Oh and how about recording in the inital moments of the customer making contact how they heard about you… no they failed to do that too huh… Better luck next time!
  • The results aren’t in yet – You know that the ten thousand promotional pens and other goodies handed out at the expo last month were well received, yet due to the first point made you won’t hear about it. Not until you are in their office and see they have circulated a stack of your freebie handouts. Also the teaser adverts you placed to build interest and send people to your website are still happening and trying to figure out which one is ‘doing the trick’.
  • Five teasers one result – You might have placed a few teaser adverts, blog articles, QR scanning images and the like about the place but which one would you keep if you had to cut back? You know the end result is useful, in fact you would like to be able to develop more teasers to funnel people in to your business, but try telling that to your boss!
  • Test and test some more… – You have been told this and you still haven’t tested the six different adverts, or the 9 step customer acquisition program… It’s time to ask more questions, find more answers and test some more.
  • Nine out of ten people agree – Research says something is so, and the people love to see those statistics, reference points and socially acceptable keys for why they should by what your organisation offers. Your problem is you see that the current run of adverts and promotional devices does not mention these ‘pearls’ of wisdom, oh well next time…

So how did the campaign go? Did the sales department go into melt down because the leads came thick and fast? Did everyone in the organisation support all aspects of the campaign or were there things that caused upset? Did any customers have disparaging remarks about the marketing, wording adverts etc? (Hey you could be lucky!)

Now you have a list of possible reasons why (or why not), logical reasons, quantitative reasons. Your marketing is only as good as what works, your challenge is how to measure it and know where theings fit in teh scheme of things.


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