Facebook pages for business are about conversations and sharing, so there are some things that need to be considered, avoided etc.

  • Be SQUEAKY clean – No swearing, no denigrating anyone or anything be neutral in what is said, directly or in response to others comments.
  • Keep branding minimal on the page – Keep it so people can like what they see, not lots of logo’s everywhere.
  • Keep in touch with what’s happening – Monitor the page for any issues, bad posts, comments, offensive material etc.
  • Respond fast to any comments – If they are too bad, remove them and /or ban the user
  • Keep cover photos clear of offers or link options – FB Guidelines don’t allow it, mention an offer in a conversation or post
  • Avoid mentioning links and events unrelated to your brand – You can pay a cursory glance to some events etc, but avoid making a heap of posts about an unrelated event.
  • Ask questions to get responses but only if it’s relevant to the brand – Asking about a political issue for instance probably will be ignored or seen as strange and cause people to stay away rather than connect
  • Don’t post adverts as comments – People want a conversation or interesting info, an advert should be more of a sideline they can ignore or check out. It’s their choice you could put that on your webpage but not on FB.
  • Respond to comments, but not with a generic “email us” response – People want to engage there and then in public.
  • Talk about what your fans want to hear – Explore what they want and give it to them, make the points interesting and relevant, ask them what they want as well.
  • Respect the privacy of people – If you post pictures of your team and or customers avoid tagging them unless they clearly say it’s okay to do so. Presume nothing
  • Invite your team to connect with your page, but don’t make it compulsory – Then encourage them to invite people to friend the page, the more connections the wider the reach. Therefore the more potential customers you can reach
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