Accountability fits well with other business values to help in building a virtuous organisation. An organisation which people tend to flock to and revere, an organisation they respect because of it’s positive values and they way they feel they are valued.

Accountability: If it is to be, it’s up to me – See something, Do something, take action to make things right – Think globally, act locally – Hold true to a high level duty of care.

Who is accountable in your business? Your immediate answer should be everyone… Each to their own degree of influence in their ‘part of the business’. Who is will ing to put their hand up and say ‘it’s my problem I caused it’… depending on the degree of the problem will probably depend on how much they put up their hand and take responsibility for the challenge.

It all comes down to a duty of care, to  ourselves, our team, our customers, our business. To do that takes action, seeing things may not be right and taking action to set that thing right. What things are your people accountable for and what is your expectation of them when things go astray? Now ask how can we as a business explore what’s happening and how can we all be more accountable for what happens?


Management recognizes it’s responsibility to its stakeholders – Duty of care is top of mind – OHS systems, policies and procedures are setup and operational – Training in OHS issues and procedures is a given and happens regularly.

Staff recognize their responsibility to their Peers and Customers – Duty of care is top of mind – Providing a safe and effective workplace is vital – Acting quickly to identify, prevent and eliminate OHS issues.

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