Have you ever felt like you should have zigged when you should have zagged? More than likely! In business adaptability means the ability to alter direction in a heartbeat to be able to take on fresh challenges with ease and solve big problems hopefully before they arise.

Adaptable: We are able to take initiative and embrace projects and challenges with the guideline of “Improvise – Adapt – Overcome”

I like the ideas of ‘improvise – adapt – overcome’ I think it makes a neat mantra your teams could follow, and if you are brave enough you will provide a working environment where you trust your people to go the extra mile because they are following the mantra and have ‘nutted out a way forward’.

You know you have set up your team to value the idea of being adaptable, perhaps they might have to work varying hours while a team member is on holidays, or having to be part of a brainstorming team to come up with some fresh ideas. Perhaps it’s having to find solutions using creative approaches in a ‘blink’ and doing it with confidence and poise.

You know you can be adaptable too and value the word so highly you often find yourself having to be more adaptable than most, but then  you treat that as a starting point to train others in how to be even more adaptable. Notice how you have to become more creative to be even more adaptable… How will you teach your people to value creativity and explore it with ease?


Management focuses on ways to develop team flexibility – Training in creative approaches to problem solving – Train teams in a range of tasks other than their set skills – Create more options for handling customer service issues with a range of communication possibilities.

Staff explore flexible approaches – Take the lead with the problem solving approaches and brainstorm the challenges they have to develop possible solutions – Provide feedback on new service and communication options.

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