Perhaps it doesn’t kick in the way you want it to. Perhaps it kicks you, hard, in ways that hurt. When what you really want is a business that kicks goals and provides enough interest so you want to keep turning up and making the whole enterprise work better.

With lots of causes for it to kick badly let’s look at some ways for it to work better.  I could discuss having an inspiring vision, using brilliant innovation, outstanding leadership the creation of a stunning work environment and finish off with building a solid foundation of values, all good points but do they make your business kick?

What If I then said work on the management side of the business to develop policies and procedures to make the business more effective, or the marketing or the procedures… all of which are good things. Yet your business does not run right.

You then turn to what you have on offer, are you trying to sell things which people don’t want, or perhaps, your service causes customers to kick you!

Maybe it’s a new business you are trying to kick start and you find getting investors or any form of interest in the project from prospective partners is difficult.

Then you start to consider what could be left on the list and figure that possibly the only thing left is you. Could it be that your personality, communication style, or attitude could be having an effect on your business? Yes.

Out of all of the options provided clearly your business has a number of ways it might not be kicking in the way you want it to. Your challenge then becomes finding which one/s are to blame and then ensuring you take action to cause good results, rather than bad results kicking you.

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