Ever noticed that things seem to go from good to bad, and then wondered if there is anything you could have done about it? Probably not something you can stop every time but perhaps limit its impact.

Let’s look at this in terms of staffing issues and how you might minimise ‘bad things’ happening.

So what sorts of ‘things’ am I talking about here?

Negative changes to:

  • Attitudes
  • Interest in the work
  • Interest in work mates
  • Interest in solving challenges (policies, procedures, politics, creative thinking to solve challenges).
  • Interest in themselves (self-esteem)
  • Enthusiasm to work
  • Quality of work
  • Interest in the company
  • Interest in the industry
  • Interest in customer services
  • Interest in their work space, facilities, equipment etc.

With this many things on this list (and probably a HEAP more) you can appreciate there are many variables which people can be affected by, some of these can be long term things The big question some of you will now be asking is what causes some of these things to happen, followed by what do I do about it?

Some Possible Causes:

  • Communication issues – Interpersonal – Intra-personal – Clarity of and or interpretation of the information
  • Leadership – Too much, too little, wrong sort (power and control)
  • Management – Too much, too little, wrong sort (micro managing – power and control)
  • Management fads – Things changing again, policies, procedures, values, beliefs… oh look we reinvented the wheel, lets go back to how things ere it was better… frustrating!
  • Too many chiefs – Who would you follow?
  • Wants to fly like an Eagle, but is hanging out with Turkeys
  • Frustrated by lack of – Progress – Systems – Planning – Politics – Idiots – Resources – Facilities
  • Work changes – Things got more techo but little or poor training was put in place – more things added to the list of things you are meant to be doing
  • You (the supervisor/leader) became a freak, time freak, detail freak, communication freak etc… all this simply FREAKS people out, stop doing that
  • Self-image – team image – High – low
  • Changes to personal tastes (e.g. once liked the industry and now not so much – liked the work environment and is now tired of it.)
  • Bullying etc…
  • No releif from constant work pressures
  • Made suggestions but nothing happens… or little if any recognition for suggestions or just being good at what they do
  • Politics in the business, got bad and never really recovered!
  • Departmental rivalry (more politics)
  • Travel too far to get to work
  • Personal situation has altered (break ups, divorces, family hassles) yours or theirs, yours can impact on them, their own is probably more direct
  • Drug issues (not enough – too much) you, them, others
  • Health issues

Clearly there are personal issues you as a boss or supervisor may not have much influence over, but the work issues should be able to be dealt with. Make a list of the items and check out to see if any of them can be tweaked to make things better. Over time you might find the range of things which would normally go from good to bad will reduce, a little prevention is better than a lot of fix ups.

Steve Gray -

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