Well after all who likes to be unhappy? You start the day with good intentions, you want to go home happy, you want to have a good time while doing what you do, you hope the stress levels will be low. Overall you want to be happy.

Then you find out there are things that cause you to not be happy, it can be lots of little things, things you figure you can’t control, the things you can control well you tend to shrug those off fairly quickly.

If it’s your business then you want to get a few things to happen right, you want, profitable outcomes, customer satisfaction, and things to run smoothly, ok so it’s a short list, but hopefully you get the idea.

So imagine if something happens to throw things out of alignment, what if you were the cause of that… What if you thought you were doing a good thing but, oh no, you slipped up. oops. That can be a bit embarrassing.

Most organisations agree that talent is their most important asset, but the results of a new survey show that most businesses are not in tune with employee perceptions around key talent imperatives, including engagement, training and career development.

Let’s get something straight, you may not know everything about how to keep people happy while creating profitable outcomes and no one expects you to be expert at analysing every detail of how the human side of your business operates. However it would be wise to at least learn some of the aspects of what keeps your staff effective in what they do.

Here’s a few points to consider;

  • Happy staff are more productive – They generally do more in the time allotted and or are more willing to come in early, stay late or do extra out of hours
  • Happy staff cause your customers to be happy – That’s a good thing right… Yes it is, sales happen more readily, more items can be picked up as add ons, and referrals can be more readily obtained
  • Happy people can – Do so much, like problem solve better, interact more effectively, lighten a stressful workload…

The thing is figuring out how to create and maintain happy staff so they can do these things. Of course there will be things out of your control but the things in your control need to be looked at and developed.


  • PIP Communication – People love feedback, especially positive feedback, if there is negative feedback, make it a minor issue by giving positive feedback first, then finish off with more positives, leave the negative chunk to sit in the middle, P.I.P. Praise, Improve, Praise. It makes giving the improvement chunk so much easier to deliver
  • Take a long term view – Your team may be on a go slow today, but will probably be on a go fast phase on another day. Some will even sense the go slow and the reduced outcomes and readily do more at a later stage to compensate. Seeing a bunch of workers not putting in for a while might look unproductive, but the camaraderie they are sharing might be worth it for the positive vibe it can create for the rest of the day. Avoid looking like a grump, aim to see past the extra time chatting today and see the increased outcomes achieved later on.
  • Lead… – Most people like to be led, most will respect a good leader, setting objectives and goals and discussing way to achieve them can be a big part of that. Learn how to lead, discover better ways to get your message across, get consensus, get engagement, get people on your side, then and only then will you get people doing more, being more and exploring better ways to do what they do in their job
  • Love people – In business you sell to people, not robots, well not yet… Therefore if it’s a customer, people buy from people they like, if it’s staff, people still buy from people they like, so be a fantastic person to “sell” more of the right ways to do things, so they become positively engaged in making your business do more, be more, have more… Figure out ways to love, and share the love so your team says yes more often, then figure out if they love you back…

Put in some effort to knowing more about your people and how they tick… Then work with them to create more happiness and watch the team glow, it’s a good feeling!

Steve Gray - Steve is a business educator - Trainer - Speaker (Steve You can get his Leadership E Book from The info provided in these articles is for educational purposes only and is intended as a starting point for you to build your business from, not as specific advice.
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