You know that people keep your business going, they do so much to bring together the products and services in a way that causes customers to say “oh yeah we want that.” However for many of us choosing the right people becomes a major challenge. In a competitive business world the last thing you want is the hassle of recruiting another person to make more mistakes and create a mess. But there are ways to select more of the right people to get more of the right results.

What I am about to outline will give you the chance to make more informed staffing decisions for your business. At the very least you will get some understanding of the factors to give you starting points to hiring quality staff.

When you put the word out that you want people to join your business you want to make sure you have a good understanding of people and what makes them tick, here are a few of the factors, armed with these your people management path will soon get easier to follow.

Key people factors

  • Personality type
  • Motivator/driver type
  • Communication style
  • X factor/s
  • Leader/follower

Each of these key people factors, are vital components within the new recruit, who will sit right in front of you at the interview.

What about skills, ability and qualifications?

NOTE: No skills or abilities have been mentioned, this is all about the person. Often the resume and a preliminary phone chat will give you the details for those, so at the interview you can delve deeper to see if the person is going to be a good fit for your business and the team they are about to be part of.

The five factors that form the structure of the person will give us an insight into the person, often these will just be starting points to assist us to assess if the person will be of positive value or not. If your business needs to be more effective then hiring more effective people makes sense.

Personality type

  • Look into Emotional Intelligence, DISC inventory and the Platinum Rule to provide solid starting points to making evaluations based on this, the more you practice these skills the more you will find they will happen more automatically and you will be able to read people more effectively. The personality types can give you clues then to how they might perform as a leader, an influencer or sales person, a detail oriented person or a warm and fuzzy relator type.


  • Dr David McLelland is the Pioneer of this area of study, coming up with three main motivators, Achievement oriented, Power and control, or Affiliator. His research showed it was possible to ascertain what motivates people to do what they do, a bit of reading in this area can be incredibly useful. Imagine you want someone for a sales role and you want an achievement oriented person, only to choose someone who is power and control motivated, oops! that could be a disaster.

Communication style

  • Really what you want is a person who is flexible in their communication ability so they can relate to a wide range of people, in effect there are few that do this. Note there are main communication styles and sub groups, from Visual, to audio, kinaesthetic, audio digital and some other mixtures. Knowing about these can give you insights into selecting the right communication type for the role, and be able to address any issues when a visual communicator is trying to get a message to an audio digital person.

X Factor/s

  • If you have little knowledge or training in any of the above you probably dump your whole people selecting strategy into this basket! but over time there are things that you can’t put you finger on, but you can “feel the vibe” with people and know that your gut instinct is telling you they are a good fit.


  • If you want a bunch of followers don’t pick a leader, and vice versa. Of course there are times when you require both, so ask, if being a follower sometimes will cause a problem.

As you can see selecting the right person can be a craft worth your learning. If  you get more of the right people to assist you in your business, there are more chances of creating a business that can naturally grow. Developing your skills in these areas can be a very useful activity.



Steve Gray

Steve Gray - Steve is a business educator - Trainer - Speaker (Steve You can get his Leadership E Book from The info provided in these articles is for educational purposes only and is intended as a starting point for you to build your business from, not as specific advice.
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