Integrity is a belief people have about your business, is it forthright, honest in it’s dealings, trustworthy or not.

How is it instilled in your business? how is it explored and developed? How do you do your part to ensure that from the top down integrity is a hallmark of all your business stands for?

Integrity: Consistency of honest working principles and beliefs – Build trust through our positive actions – Build our structural integrity to ensure sustained growth through a solid foundation – We build with a culture of mutual respect for all – Aim to be ecologically sustainable.

Honour, virtue, honesty, trust are all part of this one word and the values it represents. How does it show up in your organisation, what things communicate to people your business has integrity from the words and actions it uses to the physical aspects of the business (from signs, furniture and the actions of its team)?

Now take action to build the integrity by knowing all the small things in your organisation can be tweaked to increase the integrity people experience and believe in. What will you strengthen first?

Steve Gray -

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