In a quick search on the internet you will readily find lists of key traits of Leaders, many of them interlink and while there is solid value in many of these, I believe the following two could well form a strong starting point and create a ‘go back to’ starting point for a range of communication. Here they are…

1. Proficiency. You expect your people to have the right set of skills to do the job they are hired to do, if they are competent and do the task correctly over and over they attain proficiency

2. Clarity. Instructions, plans and strategies, are they clear for all the right people to understand? If there are any issues will your proficient people point it out to you as  the Leader?

If you are in a Leadership role the idea that your team is proficient should be a solid starting point to assume (especially if you have selected your team).

Your aim therefore is to ensure that the second point ‘kicks in’ so you provide clarity of communication and expect the same in the form of any feedback required from the team.

Now you have the two key points in hand, take a look at the way communication happens, how respect is built, how fear is removed so the team can get on with the right tasks at the right time to create all the right outcomes for the project or task at hand.

Steve Gray -

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