Perhaps you started out in business with a HUGE passion for what you do, for your industry, for your people, for your business and all the things that went with it. The bigger your business got the more your passion spread. You worked harder, faster, longer until… it started to fade.

Perhaps you were lucky and your passion is so infectious your team became mini clones of you and before you knew it the passion bug struck and they all got deeply passionate about the business and all it stands for. Wow! lucky you! Chances are though the passion may not last and preventing it from fading becomes an challenging task so ask lots of questions about it so you can impress upon your team the importance of it.

Passion: Committed in heart and mind to get great results we can all be proud of

How does passion show up in your business? How do your people respond to it when they see it? Is it different from your response? What can be done to keep a rising passion happen for the business to grow and be an exciting place to be for all?

Ask people about the passion they have for your business, from the customers to the staff, what gets them excited so much they are loyal followers and supporters of all the business does and is. Knowing more about the passion your business is built on probably should be your major quest, an illusive Holy Grail if you like. A secret notion, ‘potion’, concept, aspect, feature, benefit etc… it’s one or more of those which creates the passion.


Management show their passion – By their interest in the business as a profitable venture set up by them to benefit the end user – In the way they recruit, select and reward brilliant employees

Staff show their passion – By their interest in the work they do – They know they have been recruited for their skills, abilities and positive attitude – The customers know they are served by a passionate team of professionals, who show a genuine care for their wants and needs in a way that supports and reassures the customer – Staff serve with passion but are not overbearing or gushy in their approach to customers.

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