Everyone wants to buy a quality product, they want a good quality of service, they want to see that you care about the quality you provide and value it yourself. After all it’s your business and quality should be a big hallmark right? So what do you do to ensure the quality controls are there and your team follow them, tweak them, create more of them?

Quality: What we do, we do well – We openly explore ways to improve at all levels – A commitment to personal and professional excellence – A commitment to great service at all levels – Aiming to be a highly professional team

It’s not just products, it’s so much more, the delivery, the service the sales presentation, the effectiveness of communication at all levels. It’s the way your business holds itself, it’s stance or posture, it says tot he market place ‘we are quality’.

If you have a quality system that relates to some standards of practice or certification  you will have all manner of quality device in place to ensure every last check box is ticked and minimum standards are met. If you don’t have a quality system in place what can you do to create one? How will your people respond and use it, how will they help to develop it and how will you ensure it is being used at all times by those who count, everyone in your business!


Management – Invite feedback on quality issues from staff and customers – work with teams to create options to solve the quality issues – Benchmark against industry standards for quality control and the development of systems.

Staff – Tweak the current systems to find improvement to the current quality systems.

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