Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici from

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici from

I love it when I find a fabulous new resource. Flipping about on You Tube I found a bunch of workplace bullying videos, which led me to this site. and here’s the first video I looked at.

Take the Free E course and get yourself into a bully free workplace. Watch the vdeos to do the same, pass the links on to everyone who is suffering from workplace bullying.

Answers are out there people and Valerie Cade has the answers FREE.

I have spoken about Workplace Bullying before and

It all comes back to having respect for the people you work with, as the boss and as the employee, get with the program and make sure we can all have a bully free workplace, it is incredibly important.

NOTE: I have never Met Valerie, done her E course (Yet), have any affliation with her, make any money from recommending her site, videos and course. All I know is workplace bullying happens and needs to stop.

Take action

Regards Steve Gray

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