I like lists, seven steps to do this, ten steps to do that… I have created a bunch of them for folks to peruse over the years.

The challenge is though they are only starting points and the ‘well heeled’ reader will be able to read between the lines and know that to get results you need to do more than read the bullet point info.

Image courtesy of Noomah

Image courtesy of Noomhh

If the list says “Get good at marketing” that means some information gathering, on methods, process, strategies. The fact that someone put it into a simple list with a bunch of nice sub heading means little until action is taken.

In our fast moving world of You Tube video grabs and quick answers in other media, we need to make sure we are paying attention and making sure we are in a position to take action. You notice the article, you think the headline is a solid clue to solving a challenge you have (ten ways to boost profits) so you want to jump in. If you are like me you mentally go through the list and ‘tick off’ the things you do or have done already, then glance at the other five points and go ‘yeah but’…

Armed with ‘excusitis’ you move on and come up with a bunch of reasons to not be able to do those five hard things “Any way they will take money and I don’t have any at the moment…”

You then flip through the media to find more lists and options to see if you get an answer which ways what you want it to say.

Which brings me back to the ‘well heeled reader’ the one that ‘reads between the lines’, knows there will be more to the tasks than some key points and then takes action to fill in the gaps created by the list. Knowledge in action is called wisdom, so wise up, and use the list as a starting point to taking action, not just a quick panacea you can discount anytime soon.

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