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Are you scaring employess away?

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Image courtesy of Stock Images from

You hire people, you want the best, you are given guidelines to follow, some formal and some informal (e.g pick a woman)…

You find the job description template, write a description and send it off for approval.

The supervisor reads it, sees that it’s comprehensive and approves it, based more on the key selection criteria and the basic job description.

The process continues and you get what you get, a new employee. Hopefully they are a fantastic fit to the team and in a short space of time become a profitable addition to the organisation, however reality tells an all to common different story, at the end of the probation period, the person is ousted and the process begins again. Or worse, the person makes it through the probation period and becomes an anchor weighing things down often for a variety of reasons.

But I have an issue or three with the approach that causes this drama to happen.

Most job descriptions I have seen are too wordy and can actually scare people away from applying, and sometimes those that do apply find the job is not what they thought it would be, or they have the wrong ‘disposition’ (attitude, personality etc) for the job.

I have applied for enough positions to see this first hand and I now believe there should be a more relaxed approach, at least in the first instance.

Okay so there are those who say the idea is to attract more of the right people so you don’t end up getting too many applicants for the role, fair enough, but find another way of doing it rather than trying to bury people in detail and scaring them off.

The ideal employee is probably a fun team player, a person who is interested in more than just the role (it might be seen as an entry role to the organisation). Of course they will have the qualification to do the job, but the right attitude and personality will make them a better fit to the whole system, not just the technical aspects of the role.

Start thinking about how you can get a simpler approach started, then add the details in at another layer if need be.

Simply put, your current processes might just be causing long term headaches for the organisation.


Steve Gray

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Your business – more profit – less stress – low cost

Stop dreaming and start taking action. In an ever changing world there needs to be an understanding of what makes things work more effectively, business is the same. Learn better ways to do things then take action to make them work. 

Image courtesy of Majestic Imagery

Image courtesy of Majestic Imagery

If your stress levels are up, you could learn ways to minimise that if your profit is down, you could do the same.

Many people in business seem to forget to learn how to improve things and for the life of me I don’t know why. Perhaps they think they know it all (have met a few of those ‘types’) perhaps they think the problem will just go away… (highly unlikely) or perhaps the answer will cost too much. (with the amount of free information on the web it might take some time to find the right answer and then implement it but mostly it’s there.

The more you learn the more you will know (hopefully), Perhaps the problem is knowing what to learn. Try this list as a a starting point.

  • People – Leadership, communication skills, customer service, sales skills. Business requires people, the better you can get at connecting with people the better chance you have of getting positive results from interacting with them.
  • Marketing – How to target your efforts more effectively, how to use social media, how to practically anything to do with marketing can be useful, even if you use an agency of some kind to look after it for you, it’s better to understand what you are spending money on.
  • Management – Finances, compliance, quality, health and safety, facilities, equipment, culture, environment, time management, operational issues. The list goes on and all will have an impact on your profit (if you let it).

That’s just a small list of options to explore, if your think you know it all, think again. Remember “If you’re green you grow, if you’re ripe you rot” – Jim Rohn

Now explore ways to fit your learning into your schedule so you can make the most of it, then figure out ways to implement it. If you find you are now saying “I don’t have time” then you will understand why I suggest you aim to be a business owner rather than a business operator, it gives you more time to do the things to build the business. Oh and give yourself a pat on the back for reading about learning, you are at a promier site to do just that!

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