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If you learned well from a mistake you made, you will find a better way to do that task for the ‘next time’ when the same sort of challenge arises.

If you have been given information on a task by a person in charge, chances are you will learn but it might take a bit longer. You will probably follow the commands given, go and try out what was mentioned and learn some more by actually doing it.

If you read instructions or do a course on how to do a task you will probably pick up a few things, but it not the same way as the other two methods.

There is something about the way that doing a task involves the senses and get’s your brain immersed in the process. This is why a good trainer will suggest ‘you try it this time’ and get you involved. A good boss or supervisor will recognise you may only be ‘half’ listening when they give you a task to do, knowing you will pick up the finer details when you do it and if you have any questions about it you will come back and ask.

A good leader knows their team can benefit from all three methods, and will work to provide their team with an open approach to learning so they can get results to happen faster, because at least one of the ways or at perhaps a slight combination of them will fit to that person’s learning style.

Understanding a little of how people learn is vital to understanding how to get better results in your business. How will you use this information to make a positive difference with your team? Let’s hope you learn to know the difference and can implement the learning well with your people, perhaps you will share this with them and have a team based discussion about the differences, similarities and how you can use these to advantage. After all you want your people and the outcomes they create for your organisation to be excellent don’t you?

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