Sept 2006 was when we started, a few top articles by a bunch of people willing to put in the hard yards. Four years plus and we are still providing free business tips to those who want to know how to navigate the business minefield!

It was an exciting time when we started especially when I come across people who say “Hey, great business tips…” I love it, even if it’s other peoples info on our site they are talking about.

As I wander from place to place I get various points of inspiration, be it customer service issues, or probation period issues. it’s all great fodder for ideas in my perennial search for more material to pass on things which may be brilliant business tips.

So as you muster the strength to sail through the festive season, I can only hope our blog and forum has been an inspiration to your business efforts.

Seasons Greetings one and all!

December 2010

Bren Ryan – Steve Gray

Steve Gray - Steve is a business educator - Trainer - Speaker (Steve You can get his Leadership E Book from The info provided in these articles is for educational purposes only and is intended as a starting point for you to build your business from, not as specific advice.
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